Pak & Irani Informers in Sweden and London

BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE……… Activists in UK, Europe and abroad.

We learned from knowledgeable sources abroad that people who are close to Baloch activists are keeping tabs about your movements and activities and informing to pakistani and Iranian agencies. In the recent times some high profile arrests of Norvegian baloch activist, a  citizen of Norway made news. People in Europe say many Paki and Irani agents have infiltrated into the organisations as activists, their only job is to monitor level of activity of any Baloch activists and inform if that level exceeds certain limit as directed by their masters. A Sweden baloch , working for Iranians, informed about many activists leading to deaths and arrests in Iran.

1.  DO NOT INFORM anyone about your meetings with any European Government and Non Governmental officials.

2. KEEP your networking activities low profile.

3. DO NOT lose talk, these rotten eggs are informing all.

4. Keep a WATCH on suspicious men, particularly any semi-educated , non professional  activist posing as a genuine activist needs to be watched.

UNEMPLOYED Are targets of Pakistani and Iranian agencies. WATCH THEM and maintain distance.


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