How Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd ruined their credibility?

Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd ruined their leftover credibility by hiring a ISI agent Ahmar Mustikhan to bark for them.

1. He was tasked to disrupt Bangkok Conference right from start, by calling to speakers and feeding misinformation about the organisers. But Khair baux Sons miserable failed to stop the conference, instead made a insignificant person Muneer Mengal a great leader.

2. He was rewarded with a ticket to Geneva and few days stay during UN conferences. Can Khair Baux Sons explain why he was allowed to Geneva and take pictures. Is it not a reward for his dirty work to disrupt Bangkok and throwing dirt on other Baloch leaders?

Un-reparable damage has been done to Khair Baux by this mistake. If they had worked with Khan of kalat  instead and helped him then things would been much better for them too as well as for Baloch cause.  But they chose not to and they think Balochistan is their personal business. They were afraid that Khan will take their leadership and they will lose the business.. But the fact is that they have never been serious for Balochistan. It is a history of 60 yrs of failure..

Ahmar Mustikhan once said Mir Ghous Baksh Bezenjo was sodomized by Paki army in the Jail. To this Mr.Salal Baluch replied to himin  below

On Sun, 8/30/09, Salal Baluch <>wrote:

From: Salal Baluch <>
Subject: Re: Pigs yes, Punjabis no, says Baluch legend: By Ahmar Mustikhan
Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009, 11:13 PM


I’m outraged by your remarks about our great National leader late Mir Ghous Baksh Bezenjo. Who told you he was sodomized by Paki army in the Jail? Did you just make up this or someone told you? This is the greatest insult, one have done to a man who spent his entire life fighting for Baloch cause. Either you should come up with the proof or apologize for your mudslinging of Baloch leader ‘Baba-e-Balochistan’, the father of our Baloch Nation. This is totally irresponsible and unacceptable behavior.

Salal Baluch


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