Can Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd dare to declare, they are “First among equals”

From: Ahmar Khan <>
To: “” <>
Cc: Che Mureed <>
Sent: Thu, 1 April, 2010 22:02:36
Subject: [balochi_culture] Let’s close Bangcock

When the time came for Baloch notables in Sindh to decide whether they favor an independent Balochistan or not the Khan of Kalat Ahmedyar Khan attended a meeting of Baloch notables of Sindh at our family home in Garden East in Karachi. The present Khan’s maternal grandfather had stayed at our family home for many years after he developed differences with his cousin, King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan.
I have no record to show the Baloch ever called the Khan of Kalat, His Highness. A common Baloch is so independent minded that he does not even address God as His Highness. How can he address the Khan of Kalat as His Highness?
It is time the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud, in stead of maintaining a silence, must come on record to ask Baloch people he is an equal among equals and should not be called by royal titles.
Here two question to Khair Baux Marri & Sons.

1. Can they dare to declare in public that they are “First among equals” and DO NOT CLAIM or PROJECT to Baloch people as “sardar” / “Nawab” ?

2. Can Khair Baux Marri & Sons dare to declare that he is NOT SARDAR OF his tribe


Waiting to hear from you about our just demands for the sake of accountability, transparency and general good of baloch people . Please respond to our March 26th demands.

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  1. The Middle class has been enslaved by Pakistani Colonial Education. Some of them have gone “Theoretically” so high that they should be immediately sent to some Soviet “mental” hospitals. They still couldn’t get out of the debris of the demolished Soviet Union. Those who were able to do so became “neo-liberals” and sort of practical examples of theories of the Capitalist Francis Fukuyama.
    I bet those who claim for Baloch Leadership will never fight for Baloch Cause. They already submitted to “hopelessness” and Pakistani Elite Democracy. Now when a Sardar along with his few committed comrades has become icon of Nationalism and change in the region, they feel threatened. They can’t publicly declare the failure of their Political Approach and their shameful performance. So to hide that “traitor” and “looser” mark on their face, they are trying to portray themselves as Savior of Baloch nation.
    People won’t believe in your claims because you failed to achieve anything because you had no faith in yourself, not in your nationalism/socialism and not even in your Leadership. You guys read Che, now it’s time to understand him :
    ” Words that do not match deeds are unimportant” Che
    So you guys are as unimportant to me as your “unfaithful” and “opportunistic” nationalism. Same with rest of my colleagues.
    Go pray to the Demolished State of Soviet Union(Your Dead God since you are atheist) to save you from your shameful end.

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