Torch bearers of Baloch people, “Sardars” must read this!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A nation without written standardised language cannot maintain itself

A nation without written standardised language cannot maintain itself; it cannot incorporate tribes into a nation. Only through standard language the educated elite can incorporate different groups that speaks different vernacular into single standard literate language.

Assyrian had a literate language; they failed to maintain themselves their culture disappeared with demise of their state. Other old nation, thus, Jews, Persian Turks survived by changing their character, whereas preserving a sense of common descent and collective memories.

Baluch nation not have a standardised language, it has survived pre-modern epoch. But Baluch outlying regions were gradually incorporated into Persian and Punjab and into dominated ethnic groups’ core. Persian and Punjabi managed to evolve relatively stable administrative tools that could be used to provide cultural regulation thereafter define the cultural identities. It were Persian, Punjabi upper-classes cultures that set the states cultures and national identities in respective state.

The bureaucratic incorporation of Pakistan’s and Iranian populations require a considerable measure of cultural mixture and social intermingling between different groups in respective state, serves to weld different ethnic communities as the result of these intermingling Baluch will lose their vernacular and culture and gradually their cultural identity.

Every cultural community has history and every cultural community has a potential to become a nation. National consciousness did not rise among the all nations at the same times. The processes of national consciousness are the work of small educated political elites. In the some Baluch communities’ national consciousnesses do not exist or it is still too weak, but these tribes or communities have long sparkling histories.

Many Baluch are discontented with political and social conditions in their respective state. Nationalist elites should be able to mobilise support from peasant, businessmen, factory worker casual labourer. Discontent may be economical. Nationalist elites must direct discontent into nationalist movements rather than toward economic change. Baluch nationalist elites should focus on acceptance of nationalist movement not a social revolution.

The most favourable conditions have given for the growth of the nationalist movement, in Iran and Pakistan, elites of different nationalities are emerging within the respective state, language, religions, culture and economic pressures, states power, must be the powerful forces for formation of national consciousness and movement for the Baluch national independence and unity.


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