Khair Baux Marri ! Who made you “Sardar” ?

“Doda Khan the uncle of the present Sardar Khair Baksh was the official appointee he also had been the Reagent because when Meherullah Khan, the father of present Sardar, died. Khair Baksh was a child. The people under leader ship of Mir Gula khan and Shurbat Khan father of sher Mohammad Marri resented this move of the government and Doda Khan along with a few other notables of the Marri tribe, who supported the government move to remove Khair Kaksh from Sardari, were gunned down in Marri area order believed to have come from Mir Gula Khan and sher Mohammad Marri. Gula Khan & Sher Mohammad Marri factually restored Khair Baksh Marri as Marri tribe’s Sardar and Gula Khan was the first Marri Mukhadam, to put sardari turban on his head followed by rest tribal chiefs. The influence of Farraris was on the increase and although there were a few skirmishes, the state influence waned rapidly. “

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