Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd ! We Demand few actions from you

Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd , Please take a look at the pictures.

Kids are suffering by your rhetorics. Their father go to mountains and get arrested and entire family is on street. BUT YOUR FAMILY LIVES IN LUXURY VILLAS UNDER MI & MILITARY PROTECTION.

You give these posters to kids or toys to play? Could you ask your grand children to protest?

Neice of arrested Wahid Kambar,

Women protest for their loved one. We love to see your family sit with them and console.


Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd ! We Demand below from you:

  1. Pay a visit to the families affected by the movement  and wipe their tears and console them: Even kids and women are taking to streets for their missing beloved ones, girls have discontinued their education and fighting Pakistani establishment  .Karachi Press Club is close to your luxury house in  defence area, families  are regularly protesting at press club, a short visit may repair badly tarnished image of your family and colleagues who are nothing but comfort creatures living in Dubai, London and Poland. You under the protection of MQM and ISI in Karachi.
  2. Ask your Grand children to join the movement in Balochistan. They are young enough to march shoulder to shoulder with other kids.
  3. Visit Balochistan and apologize to all Marris for your disgraceful Afghan deeds that lead to collapse of Baloch movement.
  4. Publicly apologize for killing Justice Nawas Khan Marri.
  5. Provincial Autonomy: Declare that leaders who demand or talk of Provincial autonomy as Traitors
  6. No secret negotiations: Assure Baloch people by issuing a public statement  that your family is not negotiating secretly with Pakistan.
  7. Disclose your family assets and wealth to public

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