“Please be reasonable”, but to whom? Bugga or Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd

— On Wed, 3/24/10, Maqbool Aliani <m_aliani@hotmail.com> wrote:

From: Maqbool Aliani <
Subject: RE: [Balochi_Culture] Breaking News: Nawab Marri will goes on hunger strike for Baloch disappeared
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 8:16 PM

Wajah Towghi –

Please be reasonable. Nawab Khair Bux Marri is probably in his 80s and do you think it is wise for a man of this age to perform hunger strike? We should avoid labeling others traitrors and such and worry about what you and i as individuals can do for our nation.

John F Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” So ask not what others can do for Baluch cause. Ask what you can do for Baluch cause.
My friends we should unite not divide.

Dear Waja Mqbool Sahib,

I agree with you that we should unite not divide but unity with who? with Fags and their lovers and supporters? Where were you when this KB and son’s co. hired Fag was attacking Ghous Buksh Bizenjo, His son Hasil Bizenjo, Sana Baloch, Dr. Jumma Marri, Dr. Wahid Baloch, Munir Mengal, Khan of Kalat and many others and Calling Bangkok conference as “BangCock” and “prostitution” etc. Where were you?? We didn’t hear anything from you or from any other so called Baloch Nationalists to tell this fag to shut up?  Now you attacking Malik Towghi for just asking a simple question, but this Fag called Malik Towghi many time as Malik “Dowghi” and abused him many time in these groups. I’m sure you was aware of all of that and I think Malik Towghi is same age is Waja KB sahib but you never said one word to this Fag to shut up. He abused everybody in these public forum and you just sit there along with many other and watched him to abuse everybody and clapped and encouraged him so he can continue his abuse. None of you said one word to this Fag to shut the “F” off, but Now you are telling Malik Towghi be reasonable….WHY??? Was KB and son’s were reasonable when they hired this Fag to attack everybody??? Did you question them and told them to be reasonable too?? Did you tell this Fag to be reasonable and shut up??? Is this is a hypocrisy???, two face policy??? or what??? Please explain.

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