Messsage to Waja Faiz Baloch, a slave of Khair Baux Marri & Sons Ltd

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 7:36 PM, Burzin Baloch <> wrote:

Waja Faiz Baloch,

Your continuous denial of the fact will not solve your problem or help you to reach a solution or conclusion. keep on denying the facts until you parish, And continue to call your Allah for help. Allah will not help Munafiqoon, hypocrites, Fags and fag lovers. You are the ISI and MI working on a Paki agenda to hire Fags to attack Baloch leaders activists and to divide Baloch Diaspora, disrupt and damage Baloch struggle. How long you think you can fool Baloch people by using martyrs names and their blood ? If your Baba Marri is sincere why can’t he go to hunger strike as Malik Towghi suggested restoring and repairing his image? or to go to mountains and die like Nawab Bugti did. Why is he hiding in Karachi? So he can easily communicate with Paki ISI and MI, get his paycheck regularly from them and at the same time shout slogans of freedom with impunity to incite Baloch emotional youths and get them killed with the help of ISI? Baloch peoples are being killed and kidnapped everyday just for joining protests and your Baba Marri Sahib is the only Most Wanted anti-Pakistan.

  1. Man, who wants to break Pakistan and Pakistani ISI does not see him or touch him for his anti Pakistan rhetoric. I guess this proof is not enough for you?
  2. Why don’t you tell us who flew in C-130 from Afghanistan?
  3. Who got lump sum money from Gen Zia?
  4. Whose sons became minister in Balochistan and recorded worse corruption in Balochistan’s history and sold jobs to non-Baloch Hazar and Punjabis?
  5. Who Killed Ghulam Mohd Baloch, Lala Munir and Sher Mohd Marri and took the Ransom money of John Solecki’s release and put it in their pocket alone?
  6. Who is meeting with Zardari and Rehman Malik and making deals?
  7. How long you deny these facts?
  8. Who is enjoying safety and security in the midst of ISI, MI and MQM in Karachi defense?
  9. I guess these are not enough proofs or you just pretending to be a blind?

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