Questions & Suggestions to Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd

. Malek Towghi  Says”Nawab Mari can rescue his damaged image  by sitting on hunger strike to death in front of the Supreme Court in Islamabad demanding the release and/or accounting for of the abducted  Balochs.”.  Soon after martyrdom of Nawab Akbar Bugti, this old swine  started raising his rhetoric to hilt and manipulating poor Baloch people. The voice of Azadi is like opium, people are demanding it. Can Khair Baux Mari & Sons Ltd who want to monopolize Balochistan freedom movement by cannibalizing all other Baloch groups deliver?


Why just (Hazar Khan and Jumma Marri) are  targets ?

Hazar Khan is with ISI – Jumma Marri is demanding freedom


Why (Changis Marri and Khair Baux Marri) are NOT targeted?

Changis Marri is with ISI & Government ( rumors are that Jangis Son In Law is a Punjabi and in army ) — Khair Baux Marri is demanding “freedom”

Few years back some one A.Baloch questions your son on Chengis Marri. Your Son posing as Khodil said  “As long as Changez’s visits to governor or others are concerned not all the five fingers are same.”

A.BALOCH replies  “So you accept that your brother is working with anti-Baloch government. Thanks god, finally you accepted one facts out of thousands. I’m sure soon you will come out of your euphoric elusion and will accept all the facts. It is good to be brave and say yes I made a mistake, before history counts that and fix it. Why don’t you and your father disown Mr Changez for doing so? If he is not the same finger, then cut it and throw it before the dogs to eat it, why attached to it and fool people. You can not fool anybody but yourself only.”


Why (Ali Bugti and Brahmdag Bugti )are NOT targeted?

Ali Bugti is with ISI and Government —  Bramdhag is in mountains fighting Pokistan


Khair Baux Marri & Sons Ltd knows crystal clear the importance of Hazar Khan Marri and his tribesmen. Hazar Khan  is the key to liberate Balochistan he is the only man with caliber to mobilize key fighters,  Khair Baux do not have. Khair Baux’s Sons are secretly negotiating with government.

Khair Baux role in breaking camps in Afghanistan is still afresh in the minds of all marris, no one forgets that and forgive in their life time, unless Khair Baux marri and Sons go personally and plea for forgiveness to Hazar Khan and all marri. Can Khair Baux Marri & Sons Ltd have basic morals to atone for their past deeds? Old man still has time for apologizing to all Marri men.

Supporting his stand Mr.Meerin Baluch says Khair Baux Marri & sons Ltd is a slogan shouting organization, “ Dr. Malik Jan Towghi. I agree 100% with you. One more thing, his sons, instead of barking in London on Geo TV or ARY, shouting in Geneva or meeting with Zardari and Rehman Malik. “

Here are two questions to Khair Baux Marri’s Sons ( Mehran, Gazin, Harbyar) from Mr.Meerin Baluch

  1. Why can’t they go and join Brahamdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar, if they are so sincere to them and Baloch cause?
  2. And can we ask their Nawab Father to leave his luxury life in Karachi and go back and live among his own Marri people in Balochistan?

Your hypocrisy Exposed

  • When Khan of Kalat called Jirga all factions attended, including Ataullah Mengal, EXCEPT Your family.
  • When ICJ option was announced by Khan of Kalat, you and your family poured cold water.

Khan of Kalat said ““I am quite surprised at the comments that some people have given. They said that it was a flop, since one year nothing has happened. It is a case of a nation not of a person. What has any one achieved in the past 60 years, have they gathered any Baloch at this scale, most have just used the name of Baluchistan for their own personal, benefits we will see inshallah .”

  • When a small group of Baloch organized a Photo exhibition in Sweden your sons opposed by saying to organizers, “what is the use”.
  • When Bangkok Conference was organized by a ordinary guy who bore torture for 18 months, you hired a gay to attack and called 2 meetings of Baloch in your residence to pressurize the organizer to stop.


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