Khair Baux Marri must “publicly disassociate himself” from many of his family members

KB & Sons Limited Co hired Burmi gay, Paki paid agent, continue to attack Baloch activists. His latest attack is directed against a respected Baloch activist Dr. Jumma Marri and his legendary Father Mir Hazar Khan Marri. We salute Dr. Jumma Khan Marri and his Great father. At least his father didn’t fly in a C-130 Paki military jet to Islamabad and didn’t get millions rupees and put it in his pocket. All he did is to help his poor Marri Jobless Baloch to get them Jobs so they can feed their family. If that is a crime let it be. Those who sell Baloch tears and blood for personal gain and meet with Rehman Malik and Asif Zardari are the one to be labeled as Baloch traitors and their faces should be exposed.

Can someone ask this KB’s pet who took  the Four Million Ransom money of John Solecki’s release and put it in his pocket without sharing it and when Ghulam Mohd Baloch asked his share he was eliminated along with his friends Lala Munir and Sher Mohd Baloch?

They think they can hide the facts and fool the Baloch people? If Pakistan was to eliminate Ghulam Mohd, they would not let him to go back in the first place and would made him disappeared like thousands other Baloch who are still missing…wouldn’t they? How shamefully now they are using his name, shedding crocodile tears day and night, with his blood on their hands?

( Baloch Khan)

Gula Khan, a great man

Asad Rehman in an interview briefs about Jumma Marri’s familt background , he said “Mir Hazar’s father,  Gula Khan, who died in 1975 at the age of 105. He used to sit with me and tell me about Baloch history, folklore, customs, traditions, the dos and don’ts of the tribal society, the administration of tribal society, the role of the Sardar, mukhadams, waderas. Everything that I know about the Baloch tribal society, from a social point of view, is because of Mir Hazar’s father, who had fought at a young age against the British when they invaded the Marri area. He was also the richest man in terms of livestock and crops in the Marri area. He financed the whole war for four years.”

It was Mir Hazar who was playing the political as well as the military role.

Mir Hazar Khan empowered Marri people

“During the second Benazir Bhutto government his father was offered $10 million, but he instead asked for jobs to 1,300 Bijarani tribesmen in the levies.”, this is correct

“You give the masses education, good health facilities and better economic opportunities so that they can stand before their own sardars. This change is not impossible. Look at Mir Hazar, for instance, who has challenged Nawab Khair Baksh Marri. Now, Nawab Marri and his sons can not go in the Bijrani region of the Marri area. Why? Because he has empowered his people.”  “If Khair Baksh’s children, for example, are able to study at Aitcheson College or in London then it is equally the right of the sons of Mir Hazar and other Marris to go abroad and study.”

Khair Baux marri must “publicly disassociate himself” from many of his family members

Can Khair Baux Marri Publicly dissociate with family members who are  doing business with government.  His son is with PML(N) member and hob knob with ISI and army,  while he demand independence of Balochistan. The same Son visits him at high security Defence area in Karachi at odd hours and leave secretly. We request the blog owners of “Baloch Traitors” to list Khair Baux and his sons to be great hypocrites and traitors of Balochistan. Khair Baux  Marri treats Balochistan as his Business house.

For now we named one person, soon all family members who are doing business will be disclosed.

Khair Baux Marri  & Sons are Businessmen NOT Freedom Fighters.

Check their businesses and ask from where they got so much wealth.

A working class leaders comment on Khair Baux and Sardars

Actually the middle has been struggling from a long time and has been sacrificing for national independence but until now the leading class(Sardars) has been hijacking this struggle through different tactics. And middle class was bent on to compromise. So even now  they are also trying to repeat the history, what was the fault of Baboo Shero Mari, is it because he was from middle class, and today we are in same position. Until Gulam Mohammad was live Khair Baux Marri used to say him that he is an ISI agent and now they use his name to win the hearts of middle class.

Although we love our land and we know that it is time for great unity for national struggle. All this shall be done through complete and concrete structure with proper checks and balances and on the basis on equality.  I know it very well they can offend us but today we are at such a position they cannot come face to face to us. So they are very diplomatic towards us and now we are also diplomatic towards them. Pakistan is our real enemy so they shall join this struggle on the basis of and principal of equality for all.

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  1. Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri is our national hero.he has given many sacrifices for baloch nation,his son martyr Balach Marri sacrificed his life for freedom and for the rights of baloch nation..I don’t think they are traitors but they are the heroes of baloch nation and we should salute them for their sacrifices.

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