Food for thought to Khair Baux Marri & Sons Ltd

Problem Called Khair Baux & Sons Ltd,

Khair Baux &  Sons. Co.Ltd want everyone to be either under them or get lost. In their head small chip is programmed that “we are the best and the rest of Baloch must follow us”. We have to upgrade their whole system via sites like sardar watch. This is a typical “Slave Master” mentality, or we call Baloch Sardar mentality. One Mr.Mehrab said “Sardars are product of Baluch tribal society, without a tribe there wouldn’t be a Sardar.” In his opinion “ the fault is in the social organization.”


Let everyone work in their own way without attacking one another. Mind your Bugga. No one will follow other, you are not our  leader, we are not your leader . Simple solution. When dealing with enemy one must adopt collective approach, all political groups must be represented at negotiation table.

Call all-party conference & Draft constitution for Balochistan

It is time to call an all-party conference by a wise person (NOT Khair Baux of course) to instill a sense of unity and resistance among people. The conference must appoint a drafting committee under an able expert or leader to draw up a constitution for Balochistan.

Baloch Independence Movement

In the Bangkok conference, we were told by some participants, there is a video also,  that Mr.Sushant sareen blasted us and asked baloch to read Indian National Movement. If this is correct we baloch and Khair Baux Marri & Sons Co Ltd  must read . Baloch community  have to learn something from “Indian National Movement”, things like, how it has gone thru various phases and how it saw participation of various groups from various regions culminating to independence. In this regard let us phrase Baloch Independence Movement from the Wikipedia using the same definition of Indian National Movement .  Baloch Independence Movement  should be  “a movement that encompasses a wide spectrum of political organizations, philosophies, and movements with common aim of ending Pakistan occupation of our mother land. The term incorporates campaigns, agitations and efforts of both nonviolent and militant philosophy.”

Learn from Indian National Movement

Read Indian National Movement :


A Sardar psycho wrote this about Khair Baux Marri & Sons

“Waja KBM is not a person only .we ,the majority of Baluch, clearly  know that he is the name of an ideology, vision, movement and revolution itself and sacrifices of him and his great sons are unmatched in the world of revolution and never be forgettable”

Was Nawab Khair Baksh Marri ever on the forefront of the armed movement?  Asad Rehman say ” No”, his role was a political leader’s role. Khair Baksh Marri, swindled money and ordered search of women. “Khair Baksh ordered Mir Hazar’s weapons taken away when they were returning to Balochistan and it is also alleged that he had Mir Hazar’s women searched. This is of course is against all Baloch customs and honor.”. A man of such low moral fiber violates Baloch customs and honor, can never be leader of baloch people. Every self-respecting Baloch must neither forget this nor forgive him.

How things work in a Democratic setup, Wendy Johnson explains

Wendy Johnson February 17, 2010 at 9:08 pmIs

This is some kind of joke? People are dying and disappearing in Balochistan and so much time and energy is wasted on the merits of holding a conference?

This is what political leaders–and political enemies–AROUND THE WORLD do to resolve their differences–they MEET to hash things out.

  • · They meet in small groups.
  • · They meet in large groups. Whoever is available.
  • · And then they return to their corners and revise and fine tune their ideas.

One meeting is not the end of all meetings. And no one’s behavior is written in stone–people and their beliefs change. It is possible to win people over–but it takes DIALOGUE. This practice of knifing each other in the back–this does NOTHING to move your goals forward at all–it only sets you back and buries any good will there might be. It does not create an environment that allows people to come over from other sides. It only creates an environment that perpetuates a downward spiral of mistrust and nastiness and outsiders will pick you off one-by-one–as they have done throughout your history. You do NOT need to be conducting a truth commission at this point. It is time to discuss what a free Balochistan would look like–how it would be run, how it will develop, so that people within and without the country, have something to discuss other than personalities, leaders who have not been elected, and who is doing what to undermine the cause. (Wendy Johnson Bangkok conference attendee)

No one is leader in today’s Balochistan, all are Sarmachars

Ms.Wendy Johnson from US who runs website  rightly point to the people that as of now there are no general election in to claim anyone as leader of Balochistan. Here is the definition that can help  some psychopaths to understand  “ When I refer to leaders in my note above, I am not referring to any current tribal, political or resistance leaders. I am referring to the fact that (as far as I know), Balochistan is not yet independent. Its citizens (the general public) have not participated in a general election to elect a president, prime minister, etc. I was simply trying to point out that if I knew my ‘enemies’ were going to attend a conference, I would be the first one to show up, express my point of view and participate in an honest debate. Democracy is messy and noisy and rightly so–there is much to be worked out in every non-autocratic society. Thank you, Wendy Johnson”

Message to Khair Baux & Sons Ltd

We working middle class Baloch do not follow you. Or some people do not follow you. You & your Sons are NOT fit to be our leaders.  Do you have any problem? Don’t we have right to form an organization and fight the enemy in our way? Do you believe in Democratic principles and values or principles of Stone Age era.

Mehrab’s View on Sardar/tribal System sent to Baloch Unity group

“It is not to me to say the tribal system is good; one has to judge for itself, one can fix a machine if he/she knew the Machine, than what is wrong with it, reappearing it would be last stage.We have a tribal system in Baluchistan. By denying the tribal system it would not disappear. If you are a Baluch, it is your democratic right to oppose the system or change it completely as long as it is civilized I don’t think anyone has objection. Baluch social moral values based on tribal and religious values.  One must work out a replacement for the tribal system. Education and job can promote individualism, and self-realization but Baluchistan right now deprived from both. Assimilation into Persian and Punjabi system also is not the answers. Baluch social organization must be reformed by the Baluch for the Baluch. Sardars are product of Baluch tribal society, without a tribe there wouldn’t be a Sardar. In my opinion the fault is in the social organization. “


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