Was Nawab Khair Baksh Marri ever on the forefront of the armed movement?

AR Asad Rehman
MAS = Malik siraj Akbar

MSA: Was Nawab Khair Baksh Marri ever on the forefront of the armed movement?

AR: No

MSA: What was his role?

AR: His was a political leader’s role

Khair Baux Marri Swindled money

“……. Mir Hazar asked for a political and operational analysis of the war period. He also asked for declaration of how much was contributed by Khair Baksh in the war financially as it was being alleged that NAP had received some funds. At the same time Khair Baksh was asked to clarify his position on his ideology and practice.
Apparently the issue of financing the war effort was what they fell out on. In the beginning Babu tried to mediate between the two but when KB brought in the issue of Bijarani versus Gazaini (KB belongs to Gazaini section) then Babu also sided with Mir Hazar (both Bijaranis).”

Khair Baux Marri  Ordered to search women. SHAME ON YOU!

” Khair Baksh ordered Mir Hazar’s weapons taken away when they were returning to Balochistan and it is also alleged that he had Mir Hazar’s women searched. This is of course is against all Baloch customs and honor.”

Solution to Sardari System

“You give the masses education, good health facilities and better economic opportunities so that they can stand before their own sardars. This change is not impossible. Look at Mir Hazar, for instance, who has challenged Nawab Khair Baksh Marri. Now, Nawab Marri and his sons can not go in the Bijrani region of the Marri area. Why? Because he has empowered his people.”
“If Khair Baksh’s children, for example, are able to study at Aitcheson College or in London then it is equally the right of the sons of Mir Hazar and other Marris to go abroad and study.” …..


CHECK whether Khair Baksh’s sons  finished  High School, except one Balach Marri ( Moscow people know how he passed all exams). Did Harbyar Marri finished his 12th Class ? What about Mehran ? What about corrupt man Mr.Gazin Marri.
Ask them to show their education qualifications.

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