Mehran s/o Khair Baux Marri and a 3rd rated Bugga

Khair Baux Marri's Gay son Mehran
There is no difference between Ahmar Mustikhan (a gay) and Paki agent Shereen Mazari who the wrote the following article in Urdu. They are same. It is not new that Ahmar Mustikhan have attacked a Baloch conference, its organizers and/or Baloch leaders. He did it against our great Baba-e-Balochistan, father of Baloch nation, Mir Ghous Baksh Bezenjo, His son Mir Hasil Bezenjo, Dr. Malik, Zubaida Jalal (who sent him to USA), Sana Baloch, Sardar Sanaullah Zehri, Aslam Raisani and many others. He didn’t spare anybody.He think he is the perfect Boy and everybody else is nothing but he is worse Kammina I have ever known It is sad that waja Khair Bux Sahib and his sons are associating with this 3rd rate Bugga, as he calls himself as such proudly.(see below the true face of this Bugga).What a shame

Ahmar Mustikhan

Ahmar Mustikhan says, “Let’s close Bangcock and move on to more serious business”.

Why because it was a big slap on your face??? Despite your mud-slinging and attacks on Baloch leaders, conference organizers and participants, conference  went on with a great success. We know you are a paid agent of KB and Paki embassy and you couldn’t swallow this. that’s why now you want to close it. In fact, the Bangkok conference was a big slap on your face and the the face of all Paki agents and KB Tola. What was the difference between you all, KB Tola  and those Paki paid protesters who protested against the conference outside the hotel. It is a shame that you all call yourself Baloch nationalist and were taking side of Pakistan to sabotage a Baloch conference where Baloch issues were being discussed. Shame on you all.  you all have shown your real anti-Baloch face.

Down with KB tola and Paki agents.

Their shout in Geneva is irrelevant. How come they claim to be Baloch Nationalist and then hire some Bugga to attack Baloch leaders and activists and Sabotage Baloch conferences. Either they are immature or they are working for Paki ISI? A mature person cannot get this low and  exercise such irresponsible behavior. They (Khair Baux Marri &Family) think Balochistan is their family business and nobody has the right to do or say anything without their permission or else they will label you as traitors. This is childish and immature. They need to grow up.

Ghulam Ali


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