Dr. Allah Nazar and Brahmadagh are next targets of Khair Baux & Co

Sardar Watch have no doubt that KHAIR  BAUX MARRI  and his son’s are working for Paki establishment. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this. This guy flew in C-130 from Kabul to Afghanistan and landed first in Islamabad to sign the new deal with Paki military man Gen Zia, collected his reward (millions rupees) for his services to ISI in Afghanistan, and was then he flown to Quetta airport. Imagine the most wanted anti-Pakistan Man was flown in a Paki military Jet to safety out of Afghanistan, and then instead of putting him in Jail, he was rewarded, with lot of money and his son’s were made ministers in Balochistan’s cabinet, where they exercised the worse corruption in the history of Balochistan. Mr Hair Biyar marri, whom Ahmer Mustikhan calls “National Hero”, sold Jobs to Punjabis and non-Baloch Pro Iranian Shia Hazaras from 10,000 to 50,000 rupees. During that time they never said one word about Balochistan or Baloch freedom. When things got worse between them and Nawab Bugti on the Issue with Kalpers and Bugti’s JWP quit balochistan Govt, they lost their ministership jobs and they planed with ISI to get Bugti killed, so the Govt can take over the Gas fields in dera Bugti. Balach was used as a tool for this purpose to stimulate Bugti and get him out of his fortress. Interesting thing was Musarrf was asked to come to Khulo to set the stage of this game, Once he was there, so Called BLA  fired few rocket in the air, and then the military operation was started in Dera Bugt, NOT in Kholu where rockets Ware fired on General. And once Bugti was eliminated, Balach’s mission was complete. He took off. To date his father never set on “PURS” a Baloch tradition to set for at least a week when some die in the family to mourn the death. KHAIR  BAUX MARRI  refused to sit. They said they had his body, but never showed any photos. Some believes he is hiding in Dubai, and have done plastic surgery and travel with a different name back and forth to Dubai, London and Karachi, freely, with a total new identity.  .

Sure Pakistan is fully protecting him in Defense and will do so at all cost as he and his sons are doing a great job to damage Baloch unity and Baloch struggle and get young Baloch killed or kidnapped by collaborating with ISI.

It is amazing all moderate Baloch newspapers have been either banned or forced by Paki military to close, but their Daily Tawar, the most anti-Paki newspaper, is still running without any obstacle and so is the anti- Pakistan’s shout coming out of Karachi defense residence with impunity. It is not a joke. It is a miracle of 21st century.Khair Baux Marri’s Son Mr.Chengiz Marri visit him at 2 AM in Karachi and leave the place before other baloch can find him.

Dr. Allah Nazar and Brahmadagh are next target. Once they know where they are they will pass the info to ISI and get them eliminated and then they will use their blood to celebrate their politics. ISI agent constantly visit him in Karachi and get new info from him every day about who is doing what against Pakistan.

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