Sardars of Balochistan

A majority of ministers or local influential are Nawabs, Sardars or Waderas with roots in the tribal System. The Sardari System is a Primitive way of exploitation still prevalent in Balochistan. The Sardar demands object loyalty of his subjects and ensure it through coercion and tyranny. A male tribal on attaining adulthood has to serve the Sardar free for five years, before he can become eligible to take job independently or raise a family. Similar are the codes of conduct for female subjects. Every tribal has to offer a goat or sheep when Sardar is blessed with a Child or Sardar marriages of his daughter or son. A tribal-men and women holds by nature are a simple creature. They are ignorant through mechanizations of Sardars and denied any access to fruits of modern age. Sardars have not allowed even construction of roads, what to speak if schools and hospitals.

The tribal system recognizes no boundaries including perhaps the international boundaries. There is a crisis across tribal population to and pro Afghanistan and Iran. Due to lack of communication and access along the border, the people on both sides generally meet their daily requirements through barter exchanges. Smuggling is only an extension of barter trade.

The ruling class in the province is product of the Sardari System. The Chief Minister and most of the Provincial Ministers are sardars. Under the tribal system, not only a sardar retains his fief under government sanctions, but also maintains an army of Levies at government expense.

The British bought the loyalty o tribal Sardars through coercion and money. The annual Sibi Mela used to be the Sibi Darbar in colonial days, where sardars paid homage to the British Resident by pulling his cart upto the dias. In a tribal Society, where very little has changes oer years, everything has to be paid for, even royalty. Most of the Sardars, small or big, are in the payroll of Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners or Political Agents. Not surprisingly, bureaucracy also makes a lot of money by sharing the booty.

The sardars expect monetary reward for maintaining peace in their areas. Akbar Bugt and his sons receive aroung Rs.100 million annually from the Sui Fields as so-called royalty. Besides they can fleece a few lac of rupees every time they want, by using strong hand methods against the gas field management. They can travel free from Sui airport in PPL aircraft. A couple of rooms in Serena Hotel Quetta are always booked for the Bugti clan, of course, free or on nominal charges.

( Tribal Politics in Balochistan)


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