Killers of Justice Khuda Bukhsh Marri family

Nawab Marri has never shown any enthusiasm about the Baloch national politics after his return from Afghanistan when he ended his self-exile when the Taliban captured power in that country. Instead, he keeps himself busy with the rehabilitation of his tribesmen who returned with him from Afghanistan after 14 years of self- exile.

He was also kept engaged with the Bijarani section of his tribe who had revolted against him and refuse to accept him as their chief.

There were differences between the Bijarani faction of Marris and the followers of Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri. Discovery of oil deposits in the Bijarani area has further strained the relations between the Bijaranis and the followers of the Nawab. The Bijaranis wanted that oil drilling should not be carried out in their area without an agreement with them.

They blame the Nawab’s sons for striking a deal with the government for exploration of oil in their area. On the other hand, the Nawab’s followers blame the agencies for creating a rift between the two factions of the Marri tribe and for “exploiting the strained relations between the two factions to their advantage.” The situation took a serious turn after the death of Justice Khuda Bukhsh Marri, a notable personality of the Bijarani faction, which led to the imprisonment of Nawab Marri. He was released on bail because of his fragile health.

Thus, Nawab Marri is in troubled waters. Moreover, his age and health have rendered him immobile while his scions have never been politically active.


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