Third rated “notes” at Balochwarna

The article at Balochwarna takes potshots at some leaders, particularly Muner Mengal, Jumma Marri etc.  Instead of reporting the news about shutterdown and  protests over killing of innocents khuzdhar these people want to promote themself and spreading lies . They are of jelous over success of Bangkok Conference. What a shame?  They call opponents as  “opportunists”. These guys spend their time in fighting their own people.

However we must emphasise that Baloch must unite ideologically and practically and should focus on quality rather than quantity.

There are opportunists all around & among Baloch activists who are trying to spread misinformation to confuse the determined Baloch political activists from their ideological struggle, these opportunist are claiming to be the leaders on international level ‘although they have no support on national level’, and they are spreading vicious lies against respected and consistent Baloch leadership in order to confuse and deceive the International Community. Baloch enemies are well supported by the occupying states [Iran and Pakistan]. They have the support of states media and have all the facilities that one needs to carry on states’ dirty task of spreading confusion and mistrustfulness. We strongly believe that the Baloch youth have the potential to counter such propagandas of Baloch enemy. We hope that educated Baloch youth abroad and in Balochistan will play their significant role to Unite Baloch people ideologically against colonising powers and their agents in disguise.


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