BANGKOK Conference: Someone is asking questions to Khair bux Marri & Sons

  • What was the real reason behind the attack?
  • Who was behind it?
  • Who would have benefited in case of failure?
  • Why in 62 years a road map to freedom has not been presented?
  • Why efforts has not been made to unite Baluch?
  • What has been Baluch struggle prior to 2002?
  • 1948 Baluch were divided between Sardars and Khan, today Baluch are divided into Class, Ideology (Socialist, Communists and Muslim) as well as traditional divisions, question is why steps have not been taken to resolve differences?
  • Why a culture of intollerance has been introduced?
  • Why our brilliant minds are being controlled by a culture of Whisky, who introduced the Whisky culture?


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