How Sardars enjoy their life? A glimpse


* Balochistan chief minister owner of one of country’s most expensive cars
* JUI member lives in house valued at Rs 50,000

By Irfan Ghauri

ISLAMABAD: While poverty is rampant across Balochistan, some legislators, chieftains and landlords are leading a life the common Baloch can only dream of.

The disparity does not end at a comparison between the common Baloch and legislators: asset declarations file by members of the provincial assembly with the Election Commission are also in stark contrast to each other. While some legislators own nothing but humble abodes, others own properties and assets valued at billions of rupees.

Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani – in his asset declaration for 2009 – has disclosed that he owns a ‘Hummer H2’ valued at Rs 20 million. He claims the car was gifted to him by a friend from the UAE. The chief minister’s inherited property has an accumulated value of Rs 70.27 million.

Also, Raisani has acquired licences for two coal mines valued at Rs 5.5 million in Mach, and receives Rs 109,250 as annual rent from two cellular companies that have put up towers on his property. The chief minister’s cash-in-hand amounts to Rs 6 million, and savings in bank accounts total in at Rs 7.9 million. However, his furniture, fittings and articles of personal use are valued at Rs 100,000.

Leader of the Opposition Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind owns a vast fortune: the value of his immoveable properties in the country is Rs 509 million. He also owns two properties in Dubai valued at Rs 5.6 million, four vehicles, and jewellery valued at Rs 5 million. His cash-in-hand amounts to Rs 0.38 million, while his furniture, fittings and articles of personal use are valued at Rs 2 million. “Other assets” are valued at Rs 10 million. Speaker Aslam Bhootani has disclosed that his family residence in Dureji Lasbela is valued at “Rs 0.4-0.5 million”. Two plots owned by him in Gwadar have a combined value of Rs 300,000, while an acre of land owned by him along Gwadar’s main coastal highway has been valued at Rs 200,000, and 10 acres of agricultural land in Hub Lasbela have been valued at Rs 1 million. He also owns 48 acres of agricultural land in Lasbela, 1,200 acres of “ancestral land”, 60 acres in Kech and another 180 acres in Lasbela – each acre is approximately valued at Rs 40,000. Mir Hammal Kalmati has disclosed that his immovable properties are valued at
Rs 155.6 million, while his cash-in-hand amounts to Rs 62 million.

Meanwhile, the JUI’s Abdul Samad has valued his family house at Rs 50,000. He owns a Rs 350,000 vehicle, while his cash-in-hand amounts to Rs 20,000. He also has Rs 3,900 in a bank account.

The asset declaration filed by the PML-N’s Captain (r) Abdul Khaliq Achakzai, who is minister for youth affairs, shows that he does not own any property. The only assets he has are two savings accounts that contain Rs 147,400. Mir Amanullah Natezai said in his declaration that he owned jewellery valued at Rs 1.4 million, while his savings amounted to Rs 725,000. He owns no other asset, and did not provide the value of his ancestral property.

Asfand Yar Khan Kakar, minister for food, owns 3499.2 grams – or 300 tolas – of gold valued at Rs 9 million. His cash-in-hand amounts to Rs 221,369, while his family house is valued at Rs 400,000. He owns no other property. An overwhelming majority of provincial members do not own a vehicle.

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