Allah Nazar’s life under threat?

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch is a Baloch separatist activist and former president of the secular nationalist Baloch Students Organization. He was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies on March 17, 2005, along with six other Baloch nationalists[1]. He was released on bail in June 2006 by an anti-terrorist court[2]. Human rights organization Amnesty International has documented his case and reported that he was tortured while being held in prison including being given electric shocks[3]. After his torture, he was not able to stand for two months[4].He is a medical doctor by profession and is regarded as a hero in the Baloch movement for his stauch left-wing views. (WIKI)

His life is under threat from forces within. He recently survived an attempt on his life, attackers were captured according to persons close to him. Question is who will benefit from this dastardly act ? Allah Nazar stands in between Gazin Marri, Son of Khair Bux Marri and Government- preventing negotiations. Gazin Marri has some commercial projects in pipeline in Lahore.

Threats to Allah nazar are more from his Baloch  who wants to join hands with pokis and make hay at the cost of poor baloch than from Pokistan. If anything happens to him it is anybody’s guess who is responsible, says people in balochistan.

His supply lines are blocked by men close to khair bux marri. So one can expect anything.

Nawab Marii family is one of the top beneficiary of Pakistan. He served as Member National Assembly. His Four sons were part of the Pakistan parliament. Gazin MPA and become Wazir *Minister* in 1993. He sold Baluchistan police jobs to Hazara and Pushttoons and Afghan Refugees.Changaiz also was Minister in 1993 for Building and Roads. He was one of the top known corrupt ministers in Balochistan history. Herbyar is wazir in 1997 from 2000 for B and R and sold Baloch youth jobs to Punjabis. Balach wes MPA from 2002 to2007. This famely is now blaming Munir Mengal, Hasil Khan and Dr Malik. Pala apna giraban mae jhank kar deko


“If Balochistan were to become independent in today’s geo political regional situation we would be such a weak state that any of the powerful nations like the US or Russia could dominate us, as we would be economically and militarily weak. It is better to live and negotiate with a weak master (Pakistan) than a powerful master who would dictate its own terms and conditions for strategic and vested interests.” –—Nawab Khair Baksh

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  1. This is a great website. Who ever did it, I really appreciate him. He did a good job to expose this thug famliy. I know for sure after killing Nawab Bugti, they are after Brahmdagh and Dr. Allah Nazar. Brahmdagh and Dr. Allah Nazar will be stupid to belive this guy. Some one should ask him how much Ransom money they got from UN for John solki’s release, and why Ghulam Mohd was killed just one day befre his relaese to cover up What ?????? (may be Ghulam Mohd was asking for his share of the ransom money, that’s why he was eliminated, or he knew so much that about all of this that his elimination was deemed necessary to permenntly bury all the evidence of some faces who were involved in this kidnapping ???)

    Whatever it was the truth will eventually come out…

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