Talal Bugti in islamabad to collect rents from punjabis

Colects rent from pakistan

Sardar Akbar Bugti used to receive

1. About 120 million rupees a year from Pakistan Petroleum, Limited (PPL) as “rent” for the land it occupies.

2. In addition he used to get two million rupees per month for providing security for the PPL pipelines and operations,

3. Another one million rupees per month for contracting vehicles out to the company.

Akbar Bugti’s son, Talal Bugti is in Islamabad, he has been provided full protocol and foolproof security by the Punjab government: a special bulletproof jeep and heavy police contingent escort him during his movement. He is scheduled to stay in the federal capital for the next couple of days to negotiate with top leaders of “like-minded political parties” for a protest camp aimed at securing Baloch rights in front of the Supreme Court.


To secure a payment of at least Rs 2.5 billion by the federal government for land in the Bugti territory acquired by the Petroleum Ministry.

A representative delegation visited the office of the federal petroleum minister on Thursday to remind him of the payment, but they were told the payment would be made in the near future.

. “We just demand that the agreed rent of these lands is released to us, which is stuck since 2003-04,”

“I have brought all relevant documents with me. These documents include the non-implemented court orders to punish those behind the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti though an FIR was registered to fullfil a formality rather than going for practical approach,

Talal Bugti claimed that the major portion of the Bugti gas fields was situated in the lands transferred by Akbar Bugti in his (Talal’s) name.


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