Khari Bux Marri and his Limited Co.

They are collecting it from both side with both hands. Recently Nawab Khari Bux Marri met with Nawz sahrif. The meeting was facilitated by his son Changez Marri, a member of PML-N. When the News came out they were quick to deny it. Please take a look at the (attcahed) News gif of Daily Mashriq.

Baloch Khan

What their daily Tawar doesn’t tell you, here daily Intekhab have said it, exposing Hairbyar Marri. I hope Anwar sajidi will not be lableed by his paid agent as a traitor. I Thought I was the one who thougfht of his twisting and flip flopping, loss of tone and rhythem, but I was not alone. After all some one should ask him who is he that he want to negotiate with army? on behalf of who? And if he has some guts can he tell us what negotiations are taking place behind the door with Zardari and Rehman mailk?? and what are the differences that he is talking about? Baloch nation deserve a clear answer. Sooner the better.

Gazzain welcome “Balochistan package”, ready to talk to PM Gilani.

The Baloch Hal News

QUETTA: Former Provincial Minister and son of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, Mir Gazzain Marri, had termed the speech of the Prime Minister in the Joint Sitting of Parliament as a “Positive Step”.

Talking to the BBC Urdu Service, Mir Gazzain said that he was ready to talk to ‘enemy’ with open mind. He gave the impression that he would be consulting with his other colleagues and friends on this issue before formulating a final opinion.

When the interviewer insisted, Gazzain refused to retract the word ‘enemy’ saying that he was ready to talk with anyone.
Cautious welcome from Gazzain

Gazzin Marri himself confirmed the meeting. Here are the links.
I wish he had applied for a license to build a school, a college or a hospital, or a road in his area for his his poor Marri homeless people that would be more beneficial, instead of a luxury hotel inKarachi ??, Lahore?? or in Islamabad?

2 Responses

  1. Nawab Marii family is one of the top benficiary of Pakistan. He served as Member National Assembly. His Four sons were part of the Pakistan parliament.

    Gazin MPA and become Wazir *Minister* in 1993. He sold BAlochistan police jobs to Hazara and Pushttoons and Afghan Refugees.

    Changaiz also was Minester in 1993 for Building and Roads. He was one of the top known corrupt minister in Balochistan history.

    Herbyar is wazir in 1997 from 2000 for B and R and sold Baloch youth jobs to Punjabis.

    Balach wes MPA from 2002 to2007.

    This famely is now blaming Munir Mengal, Hasil Khan and Dr Malik.

    Pala apna giraban mae jhank kar deko

  2. KB want to use baloch nation for his own benefits but we the true baloch nationalist do not allow him to exploit baloch masses,this is a great blog but the writer should also show the real face of other sardars and pakistan, that how the Pakistani state is supporting them.I have some proof which can show their real faces

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