What a Joke? Who are they trying to fool here?

Father (Khair Bux Marri) is living under the protection of MQM in Karachi, Son is protesting in London against MQM in front of MQM leader iltaf Hussain’s residence and his other two brothers are having talk and dinner with Asif Zardari and killer Rehman Malik in Dubai.
What a Joke? Who are they trying to fool here?
(Let’s not forget, it was Rehman Malik, who they call “a man with good intentions”,  who met with MQM Governor Ishrat the other day and then ordered the military operation, killing and seige of the innocent Baloch people of Lyari)

Baloch Khan Marri, Quetta


Che Murad
  • Since 1971 I have said NO to Pakistan and Iran. I have said NO to parliamentary politics. My position is that there can be no compromise between the oppressed and oppressor.
  • I have always said NO to personality politics.
  • I always called for unity on the policy of Independent Baluchistan
  • I have called for single body to represent Baluchistan; in this body all parties must have proportional or equal representation and rights. The body to elect a leader as they see fit.
  • I said DO NOT call people traitors, people who have spent a life time fight in the mountains. We have not earned the right to call these people traitors. Nawab Akbar Bugti in 1973 was labelled as a traitor, today we call Nawab Akbar a hero and he is a hero.
  • I have said Sardar Mengal signed a deal with General Zia, I knew this fact in 1980 but never said it in private or public. I only said this after it was made public knowledge in Book by an important person.
  • I have said Nawab Khair Bux Marri came in c130 Pakistani Air Force plane from Afghanistan, I said he was given money by Pakistan government to be distributed amongst  Marri tribe, I have said his sons became ministers in Pakistani Parliament. I have said Mir Hazar Khan Marri has negotiated jobs for his men in the levies.
  • I have said Chengez Marri is next line to be Nawb.
  • I have said we became enslaved because Khan and Sardars could not see a future together. Later I retracted my statement and said I have been unkind to Khan,  it is Sardars wanted a future with Pakistan.
  • I have said why the sardars did not join Aga Abdul Karim and Nauroz Khan
  • I said in the house of Parliament that the reason we are not independent is because our leaders have confused the people by accepting ministerial role in Pakistani Parliament.  H. Marri appreciated my comments and later we sat on the same table to have dinner. It was a great evening on the same table Khan Kalat and H.Marri were exchanging thoughts. This sent shock waves to Islam Abad. People who wants a Pakistan do not want Baluch to be united.

Everything I written above is based on fact,  for these factual statement  I have been called a traitor, Mullah and word which I cannot repeat.

I am begging to all leaders unite, you owe to Baluch Nation.


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