BALOCHISTAN: Sardars Vs Middle class Leaders

intelbriefs covered our pice…..

Recent article by Mr. Sushant Sareen, titles “Balochistan is no Bangladesh” in IDSA stated that Baloch “Sardars are only one part of the problem affecting the Baloch movement” . He is an experienced hand at South Asian affairs, currently a Consultant, Pakistan Project, at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. IntelliBriefs Spoke with two experts in Pakistan to know their opinion.

A prominent Baloch Journalist told IntelliBriefs that “The middle class still does not have a say and Sardars are very unpredictable, sardars can change loyalties at any time. Educated diaspora simply lack a roadmap and not playing its role sufficiently. Education is no one’s priority here, no one is working on developing the political parties. These are all basic problems that no one is addressing”

IntelliBriefs also asked a Baloch expert in Pakistan about his view on the latest article. He concurred with the author’s unbiased analysis and commented on Sardars role in the Baloch Society and movement as “it is a social history, Sardars evolved and further evolution will end them, Social engineering has always failed” . When questioned about chances of educated middle class coming to the center stage and lead the people, he said “All this takes time but waiting for them and not making use of available material is sheer folly”. The Baloch Diaspora too is not effective, “I think they are putting in an effort ,but efforts on 10 in Richter scale are needed by all concerned” said the analyst.

The question is whether Sardars are threatened by the raise by the middle class leaders; experts don’t think so, because the turf realities dictate the issues not the wishes of some people (say Sardars). They may try to protect their turf and their hold on the people, if they are foolish enough, but can’t succeed. Sardars who are trying to deceive baloch people with rhetoric alone will sooner or later be exposed and will have to leave the nationalist scene.

We came across this blog “Baloch Sardar Watch” , posted the same article, which claims to represent “middle class Baloch” leaders and quotes “Its time for middle class Baloch leaders to raise and represent genuine aspiration of Baloch people. “Baloch Sardar Watch” is an effort to expose fake Baloch Sardars who are thorn in the way to our freedom”. It gave a Email: balochsardars @, authenticity of the email and blog is not verified, however we will keep a track of this blog.


4 Responses

  1. It is obvious that these two blogs Sardars Watch and Intlibreif are interlink and created by the very same people (the online leaders) like Jumma Marri and Wahid (Dostaen Baloch). Also please don’t tell us that you have no personal relations with Wahid and Jumma.

    As for Sardars I am not a supporters of Sadars neither do I believe in what you guys describe as Sardari system. As a matter of fact there is no such system which is called Sardari system. YES, Tribal system doesn’t exit in Balochistan and it very much still exists in African and Arab World as well. Tribal system exist everywhere is Pakistan too. As, for Baloch tribal system it is very based on Baloch code of honor and traditions. It is far better than the Pakistani judicial system. It provides easy and quick justice to people.

    As I wrote on Sardar Watch and I will write it here as well that these so called middle-class moderated people who are crying that Sardars are stopping them from working for the Baloch cause must prove themselves as leaders instead of crying that they are not being allowed to work. On the other Blog I gave the example of Shaheed GM Baloch and his friend, Dr Allah Nazar, Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Mir Wahid Qamber and BNM and BSO-azaad as the middle class leaders and middle class parties. Why don’t these so called moderate Baloch (internet leaders) join or at least support the Middle-class leaders????

    It is not easy to become the leader of Nation like the Baloch who are fighting the fifth largest army in the world, who are facing the propagandas of the Pakistani media, politicians and being victimized by state sponsored terrorist organizations like MQM, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and other criminal groups.

    • people of Balochistan are totally misguided by baloch sardars in the movement of baloch freedom. as succ example of nawab khair bux mari is infront of you.that his son in law is embassador to Pakistan and his son namely gazain is friend of MR ASIF ALI ZARDARI, and one elder son is in pml n with nawaz sharif a party of isi and also nawab khair bux mari is working for isi and his whole mdical faclities are being provided by cmh karachi . his home is secured by isi and mi.those sardars are using baloch names just to keep them in darkness.we hate baloch sardars and we hate those people. as such example of khair bus is relative of mr zulfiqar magsi and also attaullah mengal who is working for isi and mi. at the time of the killing of nawab akbar khan bugti balach was supposed to blast the cave and rsluting the nawab akbar khan was mytred at the cave. we condemn the statments of mehran mari who is also working for isi .one of the most close associate of govermnet of Pakistan in london. we also ask from baloch that how much does costs the vehicle of hairy mari who is in london. he is a hypocrat and not sincere wth the balochs. balochs are daily being killed with the help of these brutal sardars.

  2. Mr.TheBaloch:
    We in karachi are laughing to your reactions to the blog. we will continue our work, why you are fighting with intelibriefs people. if you have guts talk to us.

  3. What esle some expect from a joker apart from laughing? Don’t use the good name of the Baloch of Karachi. I’m am talking if you have a reasonable and valid argument brig it on.

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