BNM melodrama in USA by Nabi Baksh

BNM Charsi Tola marketing the Baloch Blood and tears for Chars and Whisky money in Diaspora.

Last week Mr. Nabi Bakhsh Bakhsoo of BNM was speaking at the National Press club, while a couple of donkeys sitting in the backseats were laughing and having fun. The poor guy could barely express himself.
He think by renting a room at the press club to stage his drama of shedding some crocodile tears for the Baloch people for cheap publicity and a photo show he can collect it. 
Mr. Bakshoo came to the U.S on a visitor visa and then stayed and applied for political asylum. He is strong supporter ofBaloch militant groups (BLA, BRA, UBA and BLF) and their militancy, terrorism and violence in Balochistan. 
What was the purpose of this “photo show” other than to seek cheap publicity and score some political points.
BNM lost its credibility in Baloch Diaspora after it hired Charsi Zafar, a well know extremist, communist, heavy drinker and smoker, to promote their “Balochkush”, extremist agenda in Noth America in support of terrorism and violence in Balochistan.
Charsi Zafoo is a Canadian based Awara, Lafanga, heavy drinker and smoker, who was involved in honor killing of Baloch girl, Shaher Bano Shahdady, who was killed by her religious husband on July 22 in her Scarborough apartment, in Canada, and Mr. Zafoo Charsi called it a family matter to hushed it up and hide the facts.
Balochistan National Movement (BNM) is a small Political group with Che Guvarian Communist ideology, who suppprt the Baloch militants and terrorist groups, such as BLA, BRA and BLF and their militancy and terrorism in Balochistan.
Their leader, Mr. Ghulam Mohammad, a crazy suicidal man, killed by Pakistan’s ISI along with his two other comrades, in a fiery speech in Lyari Karachi on 17 September 2006, threatened “American imperialism” that they will defeat America as the Vietnam did.
Please watch the video.

It is interesting to know that he could not defeat Pokistan army but wants to defeat America, the world super power.
What is he thinking with such emotional rhetorics? He must been on drugs, because only a Charsi who is heavily on drugs can utter such nonsense stupid words to make himself look like a big fool. No wonder Paki ISI took him out, shot him in the head and threw his body along with his two other comrades in the wilderness from an helicopter for the wild animals to eat.
Most of the BNM leaders and members are delusional daydreamers like their leader Mr. GM Baloch and they think they will liberate Balochistan through Violence and terrorism and establish a socialist and communist state in Balochistan.
BNM, a so called middle class political party, lost support of Baloch masses after it sided with the Baloch militant to promote their “Balochkush” extremist agenda of terrorism and violence in Balochistan. Today except few members throughout Balochistan, BNM is no where to be seen on the ground. Their leader, Chairman Charsi Khalil Baloch is on the loose, hiding in Balochistan to save his a** from the Paki ISI and FC.
In Diaspora, few lazy Charsi, jobless, Awara and Lafanga delusional daydreamers are using the BNM platform to market the Baloch blood and tears in the international market for their Chars and whisky money and to make a living out of it.
It is interesting to note that the BNM could not find anyone to promote their “Balochkush” extremist agenda to support violence and terrorism in Balochistan and hired Chasri Zafar, an opportunist, ex-member of Pakistan’s communist Party, who keeps jumping from one party, (from Canadian Muslim Congress to BHRC and from BHRC to BNM) to make a buck for his Charse and whiskey.
India is using these irrelevant, useless opportunist thugs for her proxy war against Pakistan thinking they will make a difference with their photo show and street dancings events but they don’t realize that these photo-shows and street dancing events can not and will not produce any results except to look good on the Facebook with 4-6 likes from their own delusional daydreaming members.
We ask the Baloch youth to not pay any attention to their photo shows and street dancing and not be misguided by their “Balochkush” extremist agenda but focus on their education, family and productive activities to prepare themselves for the future challenges to serve their people and Balochistan.


Happy Diwali to Hindu Brothers

Gazin Marri to join PPP

This is expected, now we need to see how other Sardars who are in exile move their chips.  Sardars can switch sides and issues any Statement based on their convenience. The same logic do not work for common Baloch. The moment a common Baloch switch to Pakistan from being a sarmachar he is labeled as Gaddar,Traitor. And they don’t even hesitate to kill hi

Gazin Marri fooling people

After getting thousands poor and ordinary Baloch killed and collecting millions from the poor and ordinary hardworking Baloch people in the Persian Gulf in the name of BLA, this thug is returned to kiss the Paki flag.
And listen to joke. On his arrival Paki security forces took him into custody and whisk him away to an unidentified location. According to his lawyer statement,  we hope to bail him out soon”, and then he was bailed out. 
In fact, He was taken into custody for his safety to protect him so that no one can harm him or throw a dirty shoe on his head. 
Like his other brothers, Mehran Moron and Hyrbiyar Marri, he was one of their mole, working for ISI and he returned with their permission and blessing and their plans to use him in the upcoming elections. 
Who are they trying to fool???

یہ سارا ٹوپی ڈرامہ تھا تاکہ لوگوں کو بیوقوف بناھے۔

Balochistan map

Aas Janti : Brahumdagh Bugti’s Tribal court punishment

Ahmar Mastikhan is attacking Brhamdog Bugti, they used to make people walk in burning charcoals in Dera Bugti to prove their innocence. It was like a parallel Nawabi court system as against the Pakistani legal courts in Dera Bugti. We wonder if it is still practiced by Nawab Aali or Shazain Bugti.

Ahmar Mastikhan exposes Intolerance of Sardars

Ahmar Mastikhan tweets reflects rift between BRP and AFB. Sher Mohammad Bugti regrets inviting Ahmar to Geneva. BRP is unhappy with Naela Quadri visiting UN and doing Intervention at UN. This shows BRP, Brahumdagh Bugti is male chauvinistic party, Intolerant bunch of tribal thugs masquerading as freedom.fighters in the grab of Western clothes. 

Time for all Baloch people, masses and Intellectuals to disown these Sardars and take control of the leadership and destiny of Baloch people.